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Honeysuckle Azalea Reserve in Poland

Honeysuckle Azalea is a priceless “pearl” of Leżajsk Poviat flora. The only place in Poland where the plant grows is located in Kołacznia 10 km away from Leżajsk, near the village of Wola Zarczycka.  The legend says that the sand dune covered with gold flowers is a kurgan of the Tatars’ chief. Thus, the place is worth visiting, due to its history and legends. The question: How the plant from the highest Asian mountains came to Leżajsk; is still unanswered. Probably, however it is unexplained; the Azalea grew in the Carpathian region and survived the ice age. It was scientifically accepted that the plant had grown firstly in the mountain areas, later in the valleys. Thus, it spread over the Sandomierz Basin. The other day, local people made their cattle browsed on the Azalea, and made tea from its leaves. During the last century, the Azalea was almost totally killed off, due to those activities.  The plant blossoms in May, its flowers have sweet and pleasant fragrance, but on the other hand it may cause headaches and languor.

Azalia fot R. Węglarz.
Azalia fot S.Kułacz.
Azalia fot S.Kułacz.
Azalia fot S.Kułacz.
Azalia fot W.Padowski.
Azalia fot W.Padowski.


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