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Famous Leżajsk Church Organs

Leżajsk Church Organs constitutes one of the most precious art monuments in Europe. The organs date back to the second half of the twelfth century. The creator in their initial phase was Stanisław Studziński from Przeworsk. The further construction and upgrading was conducted by Jan Głowiński from Krakow. The building was accomplished in 1693. In the years 1903-05 Aleksander Żebrowski rebuilt the organs in the romantic style, and later Robert Polcyn from Poznań had been working on restoring their Baroque tone between 1965 and 1966. The Leżajsk Organs are three different and individual instruments. The two smaller instruments are located in the side naves, but the largest in the main nave. The organs possess special machinery and are capable of producing 75 different sounds. They are equipped in additional devices, such as: drums, instruments simulating onomatopoeic sounds. Although the longest fife measures 10 meters, the main part of the organs in 15 meters high and 7,5 meters wide, because the architected composition connects the main organs with those parts situated in the side naves. It creates a unique monumental organ complex, where three organists can play at the same time.


Lezajsk Church Organs.
Lezajsk Church Organs.
Lezajsk Church Organs.


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