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Leżajsk Poviat

Leżajsk Poviat is an attractive place for investors. The quality of labor market and technical infrastructure confirms our thesis. The industry is mainly located in the area of Leżajsk and Nowa Sarzyna. It employs over five thousand people mostly in chemical, machinery, clothing, food processing, wood and brewery industry. Trade and service companies dominate local market with 80 %. They chiefly deal with food processing (bakeries and butcher’s), plastic manufacturing, carpentry or providing architectural engineering services. The production of wickerwork is an interesting and continuing its own tradition enterprise. It has been extremely popular among people that it was named ‘a wicker region’. The Leżajsk Poviat authorities solicit for both domestic and foreign investors. Their help with realization of different kinds of economic activities is offered to potential investors.


The town of Leżajsk
There are approximately 1400 economic entities operating within the area of Leżajsk. Among them over 80 production plants, about 1300 trade and service companies. In 2005 in the suburbs of Leżajsk a Special Economic Zone has been established. It gives new opportunities for foreign and domestic investors. On the area of 11 hectares, which is a huge piece of land, five enclaves have been formed.  The new economic zone is to create over 200 workplaces. 


Gmina Leżajsk
There are about 500 economic entities operating within the area of the Gmina (private and public corporations). The overwhelming majority offer architectural engineering services. In 2005 an industrial park has arisen (is an area of land set aside for industrial development). Industrial park under the name of Stare Miasto – Park is located in two towns: Stare miasto (A zone) and Wierzawice (B zone). It covers the area of 37 hectares, however 200 hectares is the final destination. Both zones are situated in the rural areas and they are six kilometers away from each other. The park was established with the view to enhance investment areas development and the economic initiatives deliverance.


Gmina Grodzisko Dolne

The economic entities over the area of Gmina Grodzisko Dolne deal mainly with trade, agriculture and architectural engineering services. Grodzisko Dolne is well known for its high quality bakery products.

Gmina Kuryłówka
Natural and scenic sights, clean and rich natural environment and lots of monuments are decisive issues for the fact that the Gmina is attractive for tourists. Thus, economic entities deal mainly with tourism or agriculture.


The town and Gmina of Nowa Sarzyna
The town and Gmina of Nowa Sarzyna definitely account for the most industrialized part of the Leżajsk Poviat. Since 1937 when the decision about ‘COP’ investment realization, that is the establishment of Chemical Plant ‘Organika-Sarzyna’ was taken, that area has been known as an industrial area of the Poviat. The plant production profile was shaped by the domestic market and the situation has been present since today. Home employment is the second most popular economic activity of the region. Moreover, it has become an activity on a large scale. The production of wickerwork is well recognizable both locally and even internationally.


  • Leżajsk Brewery Grupa Żywiec S.A

The brewery is a market branch of Grupa Żywiec S.A. – the biggest beer producer in Poland. Dutch Heineken International Beheer B.V is its major shareholder. Grupa Żywiec breweries constitute to an ultramodern production plants in the country and all over the world. The breweries production is on the highest quality levels confirmed by different quality certificates: ISO 14000, ISO 14001, ISO 18000, ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and safety food production certificate HACCP.
The connection of long-lasting tradition and modernity make the Grupa Żywiec beers an unequalled high-quality and tasteful products. Furthermore, Grupa Żywiec has been one of the leading sponsors of sport and cultural events for years.


  • Hortino ZPOW Leżajsk Sp. z o.o

POLTINO is a production plant of the highest quality frozen goods that belongs to one of the biggest Polish food company HORTINO ZPOW Leżajsk sp. z o.o. Its fruit and vegetables products have won respect from domestic and foreign traders and consumers. Poltino is a multiple winner of country and nation wide competitions. The company’s offer is miscellaneous: frozen fruit and vegetables, ready to eat meals, fruit juices concentrates and savors, fruit cordials, fruit stuffing and ice cream. Poltino offers storing different kinds of goods in the low temperatures.  


  • Chemical plant ‘Organika-Sarzyna’

The biggest manufacturer of pesticides, polyepoxides, resin hardeners and others. Due to structural reorganization, the commercial law companies like ‘Organika-Sarzyna’were registered. The main reasons for the formation were: distinguishing tasks and functions which were not connected with chemical production, co-investment with the help of foreign investors, local authorities, research and development centers and capital connections. 

  • Machine factory in Leżajsk sp.z.o.o

Machine factory deal with hydraulic cement mixer production as well as production of the parts of machine builders and universal joints. Moreover, the company offers a wide variety of electric pallet trucks with different transport variants. There are vehicles hauling even more than 2000 kilograms being produced. There is possibility for custom-made products. The customers of the machine factory vary from building companies to plants, warehouses, hospitals, airlines, railways, of post offices.


  • Tobacco Manufacturer no.4 Phillip Morris Polska S.A. w Leżajsku

It is a member of a capital group Phillip Morris Polska S.A, which is the most prosperous tobacco company in Poland with its market shares reaching 36%. The four most popular among customers brands of cigarettes are being manufactured in Leżajsk. It employs thousands of people and has become one of the most important employer in our country.



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