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Quality Policy

Quality policy

Leżajsk Poviat deal with the following issues:

  • Geodesy, cartography, and land register
  • Building administration
  • Reducing and eliminating levels of unemployment
  • Water management, environmental preservation, agriculture and forestry
  • Public safety and social order
  • Fire protection
  • Public education(middle schools), public help, health care
  • Support for disabled people
  • Transport and highways.



Quality policy of the Poviat Starosty is based on the six principles:
1. the basis of the organization of the Poviat Starosty is modern management model founded on international standards ISO 9001:2000
2. Workers of the Poviat Starosty are suitably qualified. Their knowledge and skills are constantly improving through various kinds of trainings and courses. Workers conform to the  standards resulting from legal regulations and enquirers’ expectations themselves.
3. Poviat Starosty applies process management in practice with the help of:

  • a method called PDCA that is Thinking Model, named the Deming Cycle for overcoming different problems according to 4 steps : Plan - Do - Check – Act
  • resource management
  • benchmarking - is a process used in management and particularly strategic management, in which organizations evaluate various aspects of their processes in relation to best practice, usually within their own sector.
  • activity cost analysis and
  • other modern methods which refer to functioning of administrative institution.

4. Poviat Starosty cooperates with enquirers and other institutions on the basis of partner rules.
5.The Starosty promotes Leżajsk Poviat in terms of cooperation with self-governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as other institutions in Poland and partners abroad. 



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