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The Starost manor complex

The Starost manor complex

The Starost manor complex with officine from eighteenth century – located in Mickiewicza 20A Street. It consists of ground floor manor along with four ground floor officine. The ‘Ziemia Leżajska’ museum is situated there at present. Primary manor house consisted of the starost house, a separate house for servants, a numerous outbuildings, namely: bakery, brewery, malt house, stable, and cellars. Baths and prison was present here as well. Whole complex was surrounded with earth bank where a shingled fence was set up. There was a wooden, three-floor tower functioning as watch tower and outbuilding, a gate and four wickets inside the defensive walls. The buildings were equipped with tiled stoves and glass windows by the former Poviat Staroste Szydłowiecki. In 1609 the town of Leżajsk with its manor house was purchased by a known troublemaker Stanisław Stadnicki called a Devil of Łańcut. He invaded the town during a long lasting, enfeebling private war between him and the Staroste of Leżajsk Poviat – Łukasz Opaliński. In the middle of seventeenth century The Starost Manor was devastated by Cossacks and troops of the duke of Transylvania Jerzy II Rakoczy. Between the years 1760 and 1770 Potocki family rebuilt the manor house which exists until today. In 1918 the manor house was rented from the family with the needs of Real Civic Secondary School which was formed in 1912. It held the name of National Secondary School since 1922 and then renamed onto National Secondary School of Bolesław Chrobry. Within a year (1922-1923) the town authorities completed purchasing the Manor. It was adjusted to school needs afterwards. In the years of the Second World War and occupation the Starost Manor Complex functioned as German troops’ barracks. The Manor once again functioned as a High School and Primary School after war times.



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