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The Bernardine Monastery

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The Bernardine Monastery – before the church and cloister were built a remarkable occurrences were reported.  The story of Tomasz Michałek, one of the brewer workers, who lived in near Giedlarowa can be found in source texts of the monastery. In 1590 Tomasz Michałek in front of local clergymen and authorities announced that in the place of present-day basilica, Mother of God with Saint Joseph had revealed to him. In 1592 in the middle of Leżajsk forests a wooden chapel of Saint Anne was built.
In 1594 with the help of: townspeople; Kacper Głuchowski, leaseholder of the Leżajsk lands who converted from Lutheranism; the outer head of Templar order, priest Jan Teolog; nobleman Rzeszotarski the building of wooden church of the Annunciation and St. John the Baptist, St. Wawrzyniec, St. Sebastian and Margaret had started. In 1608 Friars came to Leżajsk, moved from Przeworsk by the bishop of Przemyśl - Maciej Pstrokoński. The first in history of Leżajsk, brick church was built, thanks to the Friars’ help and initiative. However the present-day monumental monastery was built in years: 1618-1628. It was funded by Grand Crown Marshal Łukasz Opaliński and his wife Anne Opalińska.
The reason the church was funded, was a remarkable victory(1610) over cavalry captain, Lord Staroste Żygwulski Stanisław Stadnicki a known troublemaker, called 'the Devil of Łańcut' (Polish: diabeł łańcucki) for his violent actions. The construction of the church was supervised by Italian architect Antonio Pellaccini with assistance of Szymon Sarocki. In 1928 The Bernardine Monastery was elevated to the rank of Minor Basilica. The image of Our Mother of Consolation is to be found inside of the Basilica as well as a rococo style polychrome made in years 1750-1758 and regarded as a great masterpiece on a country-wide scale. A mighty altar is made of wood, gilded, with plenty of ornaments and sculptures along with one of the most beautiful stalls made by friar wood cravers.



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